30 September 2010

"Aw fuckit"

My 2 year old uses potty language appropriately. Oh dear lord. He uses it to express his anger or frustration.

I'll admit, it's kinda cute to witness.

I'll also admit, Jeff and I don't really censor our language around here. In my case, a quick "oh for FUCK sake" releases some of the tension of a situation and allows me to gain some patience.

Trust me, I have learned patience over the years of being a parent and it definitely did NOT come naturally. I'm not patient by nature. Impatience is a key personality trait of mine. Anyone close to me will confirm this truth.

I suspect that in Jeff's case it's much the same, except the explosion would be a little more like this:

My reaction x 1 billion = the world falling of it's axis and getting sucked into a black hole and now the world has come to an end.


Okay, perhaps a little dramatic. And I digress.

So we swear here. Some more than others. We've tried policing our language but it's hard and we haven't been too successful.

So here's the new plan. We're just ignoring it until he's a bit older, then soap in the mouth if he hasn't outgrown this phase. If that doesn't work, last resort is duct tape over the mouth. That'll learn 'im.

Liam tested me only once with the soap and never again. Heck, the kid even broke down in tears one time when I asked him to repeat something another child had said, and it turned out the other kid had taken the lord's name in vain.

Seriously Liam? Over that?

Anyway, it's not PC, and that's okay. I'm not trying to win any parenting awards. And I'm pretty okay with admitting to my hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

I think that once the kids are in school, that the editing will be an issue. The number of times you have to talk to the principal/Teacher in relation to something your child says in school puts a spotlight on our language issues! When it's a problem you'll cope. Until then...yup...fuckit.

Chani said...

I'm not saying that we never try to watch what we say, we do! I'm really not too worried though, since I have gone through this once already with Liam. Only reason I haven't taken the same approach with Nicky already is that Liam was 4 and fully understood consequences, whereas Nicky is still kinda shaky on the cause and effect concept.