17 September 2010

The fall-out.

Yesterday, 2:00 p.m., via phone:

Me: so how are the boys?
Mom: Great! They're both sleeping right now.
Me: What?! Mom, Nicky doesn't nap anymore.
Mom: Ohhhhh. Okay, he's only been sleeping for an hour. I'll go wake him up.
Me: *head/desk*

The consequences of that teeny tiny little nap have been epic. Last night, delayed bedtime, repeated turning on of lights in his room, climbing into his brother's crib as he's sleeping.

Today, more of the same. Whining. Clinging. And a meltdown to rival those of his big brother in his heyday. It was a doozy that lasted approximately 1 hour, topped off with 4 consecutive time outs until he got the message.

**Ironically, during his tantrum I decided to get him dressed since he was already freaking out. That was the only time during the whole hour that he shut up**

Now, I could've sworn that sometime in the past week it has come up in conversation with my mom that we've cut out naps. I mean, we talk daily. I'm sure I've bitched about how hard it is now going the whole day without a break. She played it off pretty well though, that this was the first she'd heard of this 'no-nap' business.

I don't really blame her though. Seriously? I think this is one of those grandparent perks you hear of. You don't have to deal with the fall-out and get to send them back to the parents.

And my kids are a handful. I'd nap them too if I wasn't their parent.

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