23 September 2010

Major eye rolling situation.

I don't understand the mental block most men have against buying feminine products for their spouses. Or maybe it's just mine.

Are they embarrassed about it? Is it because all men are 13 year old girls at heart? That's about the last time I blushed when buying a personal item like TAMPONS. That's right, I said it out loud.

It would have been so easy. He was already at Safeway. The feminine hygiene isle is on the way to the (SELF) checkout. I was on the phone with him and could have walked him through it.

Nope. Now I have to either a) load the kids into the stroller and head to the store myself, or b) wait until tomorrow night when we can load the kids into the truck and make a family adventure out of it.

Welp, it's kind of a situation that's not going to wait till tomorrow night so...

Thanks honey ;)

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