18 December 2008

And the babyproofing continues.


This is the sight I walked into when grabbing Nicky out of his crib after his morning nap. And yes, my child was still in his pajama's at 11. For that matter, so am I :) He was a heartbeat away from pulling himself into a standing position and he had the hugest grin on his face when I walked in. Proof that he does indeed smile occasionally for the camera:


You better believe that the crib is being dropped before he gets put in there again. Most likely once I hit publish, actually. On the one hand, it's bittersweet that he's getting so big, but then I realise how nice it is that he's not waking up crying all the time now. He actually plays in his crib now (did you see how he was hugging his aquarium? That thing goes on and off all the time). I'm just waiting for him to figure out how to pull himself up on the coffee table...once that happens, I'll have to find another 'safe zone' for all the random stuff that's sitting on it.


Erin said...

Our glass top coffee table just went into storage. A is pulling up on EVERYTHING! Drop that mattress, drop it NOW!!! I did mention that A climbed OUT of his crib the day after he started pulling up, didn't I?

Just Jess said...

heehee he looks so proud