1 December 2008

We're wireless.

So this is how our Sunday night went: Jeff was sitting at the computer putting all the programs back on it after wiping out the system when it crashed, Liam was sitting next to me on the couch figuring out how to email his Nana, and I was FINALLY catching up on iVillage after 3 excruciating days without internet. But, you may wonder, how were all 3 of you on the computer at the same time. Well that's because we all have our very own computers now! Liam somehow managed to con his dad into giving him one of his old laptops, and when our computer crashed Jeff didnt think he'd be able to fix it so we went out and bought me my very own brand new beautiful laptop. Thank god for financing is all I can say.

Ya, we were all geeking out last night. And this is how I envision future Saturday nights: Jeff and I both sitting in the basement, him at the computer and me on the couch, playing online poker against each other.

**I would just like to add that I am ethically opposed to a 9 year old owning his own laptop (and before I got one of my own at that!). However, I didn't pay for it, and unfortunately my mind control contract got cancelled when his dad and I split up. Not that he didn't find the loopholes in said contract anyway.

And I am STAUNCHLY opposing the idea of a cell phone before the age of 15 AND a t.v. in his bedroom for at least a year or 2 more. Although Jeff has informed me that I can't always bend everyone (him) to my will all the time. I *think* that means that he plans on letting these things happen in the near future. We'll see.


Just Jess said...

I so agree with you on the cell phone thing- i hate those things anyways! The boys have a tv in their room but definitely wouldn't if we had the luxury of a rec room. But then again they aren't allowed to turn it on without permission (not sure how much longer that will last)

Jeans said...

Ha! At least someone is getting you to maybe give up your stubborn ways....lol Although I agree about the cell phone thing a bit, I think it's a good idea for kids to have those ones where they can only call like 3 numbers.... just so you can call them WHENEVER you want, hehe