12 December 2008

If I had a million dollars.

There are truly only two places in the world where I feel like I need to have a never ending credit card that I never have to pay off. One of those places is (said to the tune of a choir of angels singing) IKEA. I feel about IKEA the way my sister feels about WalMart. It is heaven, and I could stay in the store for hours and hours, winding my way through their little mouse maze and looking at all the little things that I want to buy but have to restrain myself from. My home is an ode to IKEA. All of my bedroom furniture is the stylish and contemporary Malm line. I have the amazing Expedit bookshelf in my living room complete with coordinating boxes that hold all my junk. I did have the Ektorp sofa upstairs but it has been relegated to the basement to make room for my sectional (which unfortunately I didn't buy at IKEA but at the Brick). Liam's room used to have a loft bed from there, one that had a slide, and he has an Aneboda dresser, and all of his toy chests are from there. I've got art, rugs, curtains, kitchen stuff, organizers, you name it. When Jeff and I went there last weekend, we looked at tables for the kitchen, since I LOVE my current table but it is bar height and was meant for when we had a dining room. It just isn't realistic as a kitchen table that is used daily. Plus, the chairs are all f*cked up from everyone in my family being so hard on them. (yes I'm looking at you Jeff, mom, Kathleen, dad, Liam).

I heart IKEA.

The other place is Stampin Up! I recently got into this and oh my god I'm hooked. And you know, it's not even that I need to do the crafting, it's just that I NEED to have all the stuff. I need the paper, the inks, the crayons, the felts, the stamps, oh the list is endless. Rationally I know that I can get a lot of this stuff much cheaper at other places, but I have a catalogue that I can browse and it gets downright depressing when I have to keep in mind that I'm a SAHM and I don't have much disposable income. Just this morning, I emailed my consultant to let her know that I am coming to pick up my order, and I tacked on 2 more things that I really must have if she has them in stock at her house. That is my compromise with myself; I can buy it if and only if she has it in stock. If she doesn't have it readily available to me then I won't order it, keeping in mind that this rule only applies on *add-on* purchases, not the ones that I am required to make as part of the club I participate in. BUT this woman is a professional who makes quite a good living doing this, and so far she has had pretty much everything that I have tacked on to an order. She's counting on people like me.

That's me, easy money.

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Erin said...

You know, it's funny- the longer I do this SAHM thing, the more time I have on my hands to think about the things I "need" to buy, and the less money I have in my checking account. It's a really vicious cycle.