4 December 2008

Holding my breath.

Day number 2, and we have our 3rd successful nap! Little Nicky has been sleeping for 40 minutes now and I'm in heaven. Have I gotten anything done? Nope, I've been taking advantage by watching some Holmes on Homes (love that show) and surfing the net. God, what is it going to be like when he's actually sleeping through the night and I have a full 8 hours? I can't even imagine...I have the feeling that it won't even feel like work, taking care of the kids. And keeping the house clean? Well, we all know about the 30 minute mad dash *wink wink*.

Just kidding my love, I spend all day on my knees cleaning baseboards and such. Of course.

I'm not sure what happened in that little boys head that made him decide that he wanted to sleep again. Maybe he just realised that he may as well give in. But then again, maybe it was the fact that I gave in and went and dug out Liam's old bumper pads from when he was a baby and washed them up and put them in his crib. Now it feels less like a jail and more like a cloud? I know, I know, 'they' say that bumpers aren't a good idea because they restrict air flow yada yada yada. But here's is something that always bugged me about that theory: what happens to 'air flow' when baby is in a bassinette? That's an even smaller space than a crib, yet that is completely acceptable. I get it that they should be taken off when young man is pulling himself up and climbing on stuff, that makes sense. (But one good fall out of the crib would cure him of that particular adventure if you know what I'm sayin). I just wish that I had put the pads up 2 months ago, because I have the feeling that this is our turning point.

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Just Jess said...

sweet! Maybe he just feels more secure with the bumper pads since he was used to the bassinette. I have them in Hailey's crib- although she has only slept in there 4 times! :O